pall,颇尔,一次性气体过滤器,DVFA030NW25H4, DVFA030NW32H4

DVFA030NW25H4, DVFA030NW32H4


pall,颇尔,一次性气体过滤器,DVFA030NW25H4, DVFA030NW32H4

Many products require protection from airborne contamination during storage or transportation.To provide this protection, 颇尔 has developed the Disposable Vent Filter - a vent filter assembly that can be easily fitted to tanks and containers.

The Disposable Vent Filter assembly consists of a Profile® Star filter element melt-sealed into a self-contained polypropylene housing.This provides the user with a high level of security and protection, together with the handling advantages of a disposable filter assembly.The naturally hydrophobic polypropylene Profile Star filter media offers low differential pressures even with wet gases.The filter assemblies have very low extractables, and no surfactants or binders are used in the manufacturing process.

The filter assemblies are manufactured to stringent standards of quality assurance in accordance with ISO9002 Quality System Standards.Aerosol qualification studies in dry gases, showed that under the test conditions employed1, sodium chloride particulates greater than 0.3 μm were removed at > 99.995% efficiency.Each Disposable Vent Filter assembly is individually identified by lot number for batch traceability.


  • Self-contained filter assembly for easy handling
  • Qualified for removal of > 0.3 micron particles in air by NaCl aerosol challenge test
  • Pleated high area depth filter provides extraordinarily high dirt holding capacity, long service life and high flow rates
  • All-polypropylene construction for reliable long-term use
  • Special splash protection design incorporated into the sealing area to prolong filter life
  • All materials pass USP Biosafety Test for Class VI Plastics at 121 °C
1 As determined in laboratory tests performed with NaCl particulate, aerosol challenge, at 100L/min flow at 20ºC (68°F).No particles were recorded downstream at a detection limit of 99.995% efficiency


滤芯 Naturally hydrophobic all-polypropylene Profile Star media, grade A030
Housing and Support  Structures 聚丙烯
Gasket Silicone

Dimensions (Nominal)

Height 94 mm (3.70 in.)
Width 95 mm (3.74 in.)


Air Flow/Pressure Drop Typically 3 m3/h at 10 mbar (0.14 psi) differential pressure in air at 20 °C (68 °F)
Removal Rating > 99.995% removal of sodium chloride particles >0.3 μm in dry gases at a flow rate of 100 L/min at 20 °C (68 °F), with no particles detected downstream in aerosol challenge tests
Sterilization Designed for multiple autoclave sterilization, typically up to 50 cycles at 121 °C (250 °F)
Warning:The filters should not be in-situ steam sterilized
Part Number 项目
DVFA030NW25H4 Disposable vent filter assembly with 3 μm Profile Star filter media, 25 mm (1 in.)DIN 11851 threaded connection, silicone gasket
DVFA030NW32H4 Disposable vent filter assembly with 3 μm Profile Star filter media, 32 mm (1.25 in.)DIN 11851 threaded connection, silicone gasket


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