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Minimate 切向流囊式过滤器
OAD65C12, OA001C12, OA003C12, OA005C12, OA010C12, OA030C12, OA050C12, OA070C12, OA100C12, OA300C12, OA500C12, OA990C12


pall,颇尔,Minimate 切向流囊式过滤器,OAD65C12, OA001C12, OA003C12, OA005C12, OA010C12, OA030C12, OA050C12, OA070C12, OA100C12, OA300C12, OA500C12, OA990C12
pall,颇尔,Minimate 切向流囊式过滤器

Minimate 切向流囊式过滤器
The easy to use Minimate TFF capsule is a valuable tool for any laboratory requiring tangential flow filtration of small process volumes.Sample batch sizes of up to one liter can be reduced to as low as 5 mL.


The Minimate TFF Capsules contain a robust, polyethersulfone, ultrafiltration (UF) membrane.The Omega UF membrane offers low non-specific adsorption characteristics resulting in high product recovery.

The Minimate TFF capsules are available with a wide range of molecular weight cut-offs.They can be used in a variety of biological applications in biotechnology, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology and immunology.


  • Ready to use – Minimate TFF capsule includes all fittings and tubing to simplify installation into filtration setups.This versatile, self-contained device works with most laboratory pumps
  • Cost-effective design – The plastic construction of the Minimate TFF capsule and chemical compatibility of the Omega membrane facilitate cleaning and reuse
  • Scalable – The Minimate TFF capsules have the same path length and similar materials of construction as larger Centramate and Centrasette cassettes used in pilot and production scale.Several Minimate TFF capsules may be connected in parallel for increased membrane area Predictable performance saves time when scaling up a process.
  • High Product Recovery – Optimized flow path design coupled with low protein binding Omega membrane minimize non-specific binding
  • Efficient – Concentration and desalting processes can be performed on the same system with minimal user intervention.Achieve high concentration factors in a single processing step due to the low hold-up volume of the device 
  • Disposable – This economically priced device can be dedicated to a single batch or process eliminating the time required for cleaning
  • Confidence – Each pharmaceutical grade Minimate capsule is 100% integrity tested during manufacture to ensure reliable performance.For critical applications the user can re-test the integrity after initial use.A Certificate of Quality is included with each capsule.

Minimate Capsule Applications

  • Concentrate and desalt proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides) 
  • Recover antibodies or recombinant proteins from clarified cell culture media 
  • Process metal sensitive enzymes and other biomolecules 
  • Separate (fractionate) large from small biomolecules 
  • Concentrate viruses or gene therapy vectors 
  • Prepare samples prior to column chromatography
  • Concentrate samples after gel filtration 
  • Depyrogenate water, buffers, and media solutions


有效过滤面积 50 cm2 (0.05 ft2)
Recommended Crossflow 60 – 70 mL/min
操作温度范围 5 – 50 °C (41 – 122 °F)
最大操作压力 4 bar (400 kPa, 60 psi)
pH 范围 1 – 14
Product Hold-up Volume Approximately 1.6 mL
Forward Flow Air integrity Value ≤ 7/mL/min @ 0.75 bar (10 psi)
Nominal Dimensions (L x W x H nominal): 200 mm x 380 mm x 180mm (8 in x 1.5 in x 0.7 in)


Materials of Contruction

Parts list
过滤介质 Omega Membrane (polyethersulfone) 
滤壳 Polypropylene, Glass reinforced 
Screens, housing sealing rings, fittings 聚丙烯 
Membrane plate/filtrate channels 聚乙烯 
Internal gasket Silicone 


Minimate TFF Capsule Ordering Information

Part Number 描述
OAD65C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 650 Da Omega membrane
OA001C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 1 kDa Omega Membrane
OA003C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 3 kDa Omega Membrane
OA005C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 5 kDa Omega Membrane
OA010C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 10 kDa Omega Membrane
OA030C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 30 kDa Omega Membrane
OA050C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 50 kDa Omega Membrane
OA070C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 70 kDa Omega Membrane
OA100C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 100 kDa Omega Membrane
OA300C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 300 kDa Omega Membrane
OA500C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 500 kDa Omega Membrane
OA990C12 Minimate TFF Capsule with 1000 kDa Omega Membrane


The Minimate Fittings Package Accessory

Minimate™ Tangential Flow Filtration Capsules:Minimate Fittings Package Accessory


Part Number and Description 88216: 

Minimate Fittings Kit  contains 2 Male luer to 3.2 mm (1⁄8 in.) hose barb, 2 Female luer to 3.2 mm (1⁄8 in.) hose barb, 120 cm (3.9 ft) Tubing 3.2 mm (1⁄8 in.) i.d., 1 Retentate screw clamp, 4 Tubing clamps, 1 Adhesive strips (loop and hook). The Minimate TFF Capsule comes with threaded luer plugs in each of the four ports. 



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