pall,颇尔,Mini Profile 囊式过滤器,BYA015P6, BYA030P6, BYA050P6, BYY005P6, BYY010P6

Mini Profile 囊式过滤器
BYA015P6, BYA030P6, BYA050P6, BYY005P6, BYY010P6


pall,颇尔,Mini Profile 囊式过滤器,BYA015P6, BYA030P6, BYA050P6, BYY005P6, BYY010P6
pall,颇尔,Mini Profile 囊式过滤器

 Profile 小型囊式过滤器
颇尔 Mini Profile Capsule Filters have been designed for small volume production and scale-up evaluation.These scalable capsule filters are available in two media types to complement and extend the range of depth filters available in the 颇尔 UpScaleSM Program.

They can be used for a wide range of applications including clarification of biological products.

颇尔 Profile II filters are all-polypropylene depth filter elements, featuring tapered pores that narrow to an inner (downstream) absolute-rated section.This thick depth structure provides high-capacity for larger solids and gels as well as for fine particles.

Profile Star filter cartridges feature high-area star-shaped pleat construction.The patented design combines the advantages of depth filters with the high flow rates of high-area pleated filters.


  • Can be used in scale-up evaluation
  • Capsule format for ease of use
  • Choice of high void-volume depth medium or high-area pleated depth filter
  • Absolute particle-rated for reliability
  • Low hold-up volumes
  • Broad chemical compatibilities
  • Optimized for viscous fluids
  • Excellent gel removal
  • Higher flows and throughputs
  • Easy to use self-venting format
  • Pharmaceutical P optimized grades with Certificate of Test provides batch traceability
  • Low extractables and low protein-binding
  • Manufactured under clean conditions in a controlled environment

颇尔’s UpScaleSM Program

From drug discovery and basic research, through process development and production, 颇尔 Corporation is the single source for all of your filtration and separation needs.Our UpScale program provides you with the scalable filtration products and the support you need to bring new products to market faster.





Filter Medium  聚丙烯
Core and End Caps  聚丙烯
滤壳  聚丙烯
13 mm (½ in.)Single Hose Barb Adapter  聚丙烯


Absolute Removal Ratings (Liquid)

Profile II   1 µm and 0.5 µm1
Profile Star  5 µm, 3 µm and 1.5 µm1
1 Extrapolated.99.98% by modified OSU-F2 Beta test.For further details, contact 上海羽令.



Nominal Filtration Area


Profile II  46 cm2 (7.1 in2)
Profile Star  90 cm2 (14.5 in2)


Maximum Operating Pressure and Temperatures in Compatible2 Fluids

  Temperature Maximum Differential Pressure
 Profile II 30 °C
50 °C
4.1 bard (60 psid)
3.4 bard (49 psid)
 Profile Star 50 °C 5.0 bard (72 psid)
2 Fluids which do not adversely affect the filter or materials of construction.



Maximum Accumulated Autoclave Time

 Up to 125 °C  3 x 30-minute cycles
Warning:Mini Profile Capsule filters must not be in situ steam-sterilized by passing steam through under pressure.The figures given are maximum allowable figures determined by testing under controlled laboratory conditions to the length of time indicated.Actual operating conditions may affect the filter’s long-term response to sterilization.Filters should be qualified for each process application.


Typical Liquid Flow Rates3


3 Typical initial clean media ∆P; water at 20 °C, viscosity 1cP.For assistance in sizing, contact 上海羽令.



Nominal Dimensions



Part Number 中等 Removal Rating
 BYA015P6 Profile Star 1.5 微米
 BYA030P6 Profile Star 3 微米
 BYA050P6 Profile Star 5 微米
 BYY005P6 Profile II 0.5 微米
 BYY010P6  Profile II  1 微米
This is a guide to the part number structure only.


pall,颇尔,Mini Profile 囊式过滤器
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