pall,颇尔,SDR HyperD 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质,

SDR HyperD 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质


pall,颇尔,SDR HyperD 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质,
pall,颇尔,SDR HyperD 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质

SDR HyperD® 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质


SDR HyperD® solvent-detergent removal chromatography sorbent is a unique sorbent designed to eliminate solvent and detergent from biological fluids.


It combines a silica-bead moiety filled with a three-dimensional cross-linked hydrophobic polymer. The particle size distribution (40-100 µm), the small pore size of the silica beads and the nature of the polymer have been optimized for a retention of solvents and detergents typically used in viral inactivation processes (i.e. Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate – TnBP – , Triton X-45 and Triton X-100).


The adsorption mechanism involves both the silica moiety and the hydrophobic polymer.The adsorption of Triton X-100 is proportional to the silica surface area, whereas the adsorption of TnBP is linked to binding to the organic polymer moiety. Large molecules are excluded.



  • Efficient solvent and detergent removal from plasma fractions
  • Easier to handle compared to conventional oil extraction or C18 chromatography methods
  • Detergent removal from biological samples
  • Rigid and mechanically stable for process scale

Sorbent Specifications

Sorbent Structure  Spherical silica beads filled with a three-dimensional hydrophobic polymer
Average Particle Size 40 - 100 微米
Binding Capacity for Triton X100* ≥90 mg/mL
Typical Sample Load 2 – 3 times the column volume with residence times of5 min using IgG or ATIII treated solutions
Recommended Residence Time 5  – 15 min
Operating pH Range 2 – 12
Sorbent Pressure Resistance 70 bar (1000 psi)

* Determined using 5 mg/mL Triton X-100 in PBS, pH 7.4, 10% breakthrough, 300 cm/h

Sorbent Ordering Information

尺寸 SDR HyperD 填料
25 毫升 20033-031
100 毫升 20033-023
1 L 20033-015
5 L 20033-056
10 L 20033-049

pall,颇尔,SDR HyperD 溶剂-表面活性剂清除层析介质
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